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Chicago Folk & Alt-Country

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// December 9, 2020 //

Click here (or on the play button belowto get reacquainted. My first music newsletter in seven years is also my first attempt at creating a spoken word, podcast-style update. Here's hoping you find the tangents and content to your liking.

I will resurface via this format 3-4 times each year with an update on the new music I have released. Click here to learn about getting word of each new post via email. Thank you! -Mike

// December 5, 2020 //

Newly revised, Bandcamp now features a handful of exclusive tracks not found anywhere else, including the previously unreleased recording of 'She Got the Means' from 2008, written by Benjamin Ezra, the tallest Hoosier I know. Stream or purchase to your heart's content.


Click here to learn more about Ben's art and hear him play a few songs during his August 2019 WGN Nocturnal Journal interview. It's a great listen, and you'll learn a thing or two about Chicago via his Ezra Street Level masterpiece. Enjoy! -Mike

// August 6, 2020 //

Welcome. Nine years since last debuting new music, '60625' is now available everywhere.

To those hoping for more content on this website, it will come slowly. Currently giving focus and time to practicing/recording a collection of new songs, release date TBD. In the meantime, check out the 34 songs and 40-something videos I've posted on BandcampSpotify, YouTube, Instagram, iTunes, Amazon Music, and Facebook within the last six months.

If you enjoy the music, please consider sharing it with your people. As John Davey reminds us, "These songs we sing, we were never meant to hide." Be well. -Mike

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