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Mike Reeb, "2007: Live at Downtown Records" (2023)

2007: Live at Downtown Records (2023)

  1. Neighbourhood #2 (Laika)

  2. Just Walk Away

  3. Turn Your Ear

  4. It's Been a Real Hard Year

  5. You Win

  6. I Gave You The World

  7. Pry Open Your Eyes

Streaming Links: Mike Reeb, "I'm on Fire"

Mike Reeb - Vocals, electric guitar
Rick DeSutter - Bass, vocals

Justin Edington - Drums

All songs written by Mike Reeb (except Track 1, Arcade Fire)

Arranged by Mike Reeb, Rick DeSutter, and Justin Edington

Captured live via minidisc recorder at Downtown Records in

    Lafayette (Indiana), April 2007
Mastered by Steffen Yazvac

// Released on all platforms September 1, 2023 //

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