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OUT NOW: Two Brand New Songs + "Fading (Live)"

You will find three new original songs below, the first being a live capture of "Fading," shot and directed by Jackson Hall in Grand Rapids, Michigan. You can also listen to this live recording on Spotify. The studio recording of "Fading" will be featured on my 2022 forthcoming album, Second City Skyline.

Prior to this collaborative effort, Jackson featured two of my songs in his 2021 debut film, Debt. In less than a month, we went from filming the live performance to debuting its video's final cut on YouTube. Couldn't be happier with how it came out thanks to Jackson's hard work and vision (and the many, many lava lamps that happened to be for sale online during the month of November).

The two videos that follow are 'Official Audio' releases of the first song and last song from Second City Skyline. Enjoy!



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