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OUT NOW: "Your Eyes Now Dry" + Recording Photo

The first official single from Second City Skyline is now streaming/available everywhere, including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, and as an HD audio track on YouTube (bottom of this page) for anyone who wants to give the track a spin. Like "60625," the song also features Brian Wilkie (The Hoyle Brothers) on pedal steel.

If you want a quick sample of the song, this Spotify Player will do the trick. You'll find a few other new(ish) tracks on there as well: "60625," "Next Time I'll Do Better For You," and "Fading."

Not into Spotify or streaming services? No worries- most of these songs and two additional tracks from Second City Skyline are available as high resolution audio tracks on YouTube. Click here to listen. Enjoy!

- Mike

P.S. When recording Brian, we make it happen where we can. Over the last year, this was in a friend's kitchen. Here's a candid black-and-white capture by @lukios_k from our February 2022 session.



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