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OUT NOW: "2007: Live at Downtown Records"

While living in central Indiana years ago, there was a season when I put up my Martin acoustic and got familiar with telecasters. Creating songs with an electric guitar was a new challenge, but I was lucky to have two incredibly talented musicians working with me at that time: Justin Edington (drums) and Rick DeSutter (bass).

We may have only played ten or so shows that year, but they were some of the most memorable. This seven song live album features this electric line-up from April 2007 at Downtown Records. For those of you who attended any shows at DR, you know how special that spot was to the city and the local music scene. Throw on some headphones and jump back in!

And yes, the first track is indeed an Arcade Fire tune.

For liner notes and streaming links, click here or visit Hope you enjoy this jaunt down memory lane!





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